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Tuftonboro & Wolfeboro,

New Hampshire

Board Members

For  Board Members' contact information,  you should email 'hiddenvalleyassociation@gmail.com'.   The clerk monitors this inbox and will send you the requested contact information.

 2017- 2018 Board Members are listed below:

  • Ed Davis  (President)

  • Jose Crispin  (Vice President)

  • Janice Michaud (clerk)

  • David Sharp (Treasurer)

  • Ron McCracken (Roads Chairperson)

  • Geoff Blackett(Environmental Chairperson)

  • Chuck Wilcox (Recreation Chairperson)

  • Dottie Endres

  • Rex Hawley​

  • Bob Shockley

  • David Smith

  • Jim Mineri